Dropa Stones: Proof aliens visited China thousands of years ago?

What are the Dropa Stones? If you have been interested in alien and UFO sightings then you probably have heard the term. You may have even heard them it referred to as the Chinese Roswell.

It is certainly a very fascinating story that could possibly mean that China was the sight of alien encounters thousands of years ago. Perhaps these alien encounters have something to do with the modern reports of alien sightings in China?

Dropa StonesIn 1938, explorers went into a cave in China and when they went in they were stunned to find what looked like a graveyard. That wasn’t the only thing that they found though. They also found over 700 stone discs. These stone discs have come to be known as the Dropa Stones.

Over the years as the Dropa Stones have been examined by every type of expert imaginable. Some scientists and other experts believe that there is writing on the discs that tell the story of alien visitations in China thousands of years ago.

Some people even think the markings on the Dropa Stones could be the key to many aspects of Chinese civilization. Perhaps what we think to be cave drawings weren’t from humans at all but were messages left in China by these visitors.

This full length video tells the fascinating tale of the Dropa Stones. If you have any interest in alien encounters then you should really watch this video. It poses the question of if ancient Gods were really alien visitors on top of many other questions surrounding the Dropa Stones.

Even if you end up not believing everything that is presented, it is still important to listen to the questions that other truth seekers have been asking. It is only when we work together and share our stories that we even start to have the hope of solving such huge mysteries of the universe.