Gothenburg UFO Sighting in Sweden

The UFO sighting reports are really coming in thick and fast from Europe lately. The Gothenburg UFO Sighting back in 2009 most certainly was not the first. It was, however, one of many European UFO sightings which had come in during a short period of time.

We can only guess why the alien visitors would be particularly interested in Europe. Not just Europe but in this case, why a Gothenburg UFO sighting would feel almost old hat. Not that you ever get used to seeing alien crafts but there sure were a lot of reports over this short period.

The problem was (and pretty much still is) that for every person that reports something like the Gothenburg UFO Sighting, there are only a small number that provide any sort of tangible evidence.

Thankfully, with all of the video phones about these days, there are many more of the UFO sightings are being captured and uploaded to places like YouTube.  This means that the UFO sightings are no longer merely just word of mouth but we can all see the UFO footage and make up our own minds.

Now, not all UFO footage is a work of art. These people are hardly to blame. How quickly could you think to pull out your phone and aim it at the sky if you thought you had seen a UFO? Much less get it to be in perfect focus and not shaking with the fear that comes with such a crazy moment in your life.

We should be thankful for the people that upload videos even if they know that aren’t of the most amazing quality. At least they are trying to document events and prove what they saw was real.

This particular Gothenburg UFO Sighting happened on February 1, 2009 over the town of Gothenburg in Sweden.  The person that originally posted the UFO video on YouTube claimed to have been called on his phone at 7:30am his time.

He went out on his balcony and saw the unexplained object in the sky.  He reported that the UFO sighting lasted about an hour in length.  In this UFO footage he manages to get a few up close zoom in shots of what he is claiming to be the UFO.

Did he really see a UFO? Watch the footage and let your own eyes be the judge.