Captain Ray Bowyer Talks About His UFO Sighting

The case of Captain Ray Bowyer has to be one more the most talked about cases of a UFO sighting in recent years. This UFO video is a very detailed investigation of the Ray Bowyer case and includes very detailed discussions with both the man himself and UFO experts.

On April 23 2007, Ray Bowyer was flying a passenger plane from the South coast of England to the Channel Islands.  This 45 minute flight was one that experienced pilot had done every working day for nearly 10 years. So, he wasn’t expecting to see anything out of the ordinary but things turned out very differently for him.

About 10 miles south of the Isle Of Wight, the gentleman spotted what he describes as a brilliant yellow light.  At first he thought the light was simply a reflection from the sun off of an object on land.  However, the light just wouldn’t go away.

Ray BowyerIt was then that the pilot picked up his binoculars to get a closer look. He could make out a shape and says that the object looked nothing like an airplane he had ever seen. The interest that Ray Bowyer was paying to this possible UFO alerted the passengers in his plane, Ray Bowyer handed his binoculars to one of the passengers who then reported to see a second UFO in the sky behind the original.

Watch this video of him being interviewed on the British television show Richard and Judy not long after he had his encounter. Discover what truly happened during the Ray Bowyer UFO sightings.

Not only do you hear from Captain Ray Bowyer as he expresses his first hand account of the UFO sighting. You also hear some account of what his passengers and the air traffic controllers that were on duty that day reported too.