It isn’t just the American government that tires to cover up proof of alien life.  Straight from the start of this UFO video about the famous Rendlesham Forest Incident, one of the experts flat out says that this is Britian’s Roswell.  Watch the video and you will certainly see what she means.

In 1980, with the cold war still raging, the British military bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge had become home to the United States Air Force.  Life changed for some of those airmen at 3 am on December 26, 1980.  Soldier John Burroughs, then 20 years of, was on patrol at RAF Woodbridge when another solider picked him up in a truck to drive around as part of their patrol.   This patrol took them into Rendlesham Forest.

British Military UFOThey weren’t long into their patrol when the other solider noticed a light in the sky of Rendlesham Forest.  In this UFO sighting video about The Rendlesham Forest Incident, John Burroughs, talks about the light in the sky involving a series of different colored lights.   The soliders rushed back and got help from other soldiers who came out to investigate.  They all thought the lights resembled the ones that they would see if an aircraft had crashed.

John Burroughs and Jim Penniston got back in the truck and proceeded to head towards the light in the sky.  Eventually, they had to ditch the truck so that they could walk deeper into Rendlesham Forest.  In this UFO video about The Rendlesham Forest Incident, Jim Penniston talks about suddenly feeling an electric charge in the air as the approached the object.

When the pair got close to the object they two could not believe what they were seeing.  Jim Penniston had the presence of mind to take out his camera and start taking pictures of the the craft that they had found.  He took notes that night, which can be seen in this UFO sighting video, that described the craft.  He even touched the UFO and felt the warmth of the craft.

Suddenly, a sharp flash of life came out of the UFO craft and it lifted itself off the ground and quickly disappeared.

This UFO videos tells the story of The Rendlesham Forest Incident and the coverup that followed.  Watch it and make up your mind if this UFO sighting truly was the British Roswell.