Stephen Michalak describes 1967 Manitoba UFO sighting

On May 20th, 1967, Stephen Michalak, a Polish immigrant to Canada, was indulging his rock collecting hobby in an area located about 100 miles from Winnipeg. Suddenly, Stephen Michalak was distracted by a flock of agitated geese. When Stephen Michalak looked up to try to see why the geese were so disturbed he saw what he described as a cigar shaped object with a hump in the middle.

Stephen Michalak watched as the possible UFO began to land. He looked closely to try to see if he could see any government markings on object but he didn’t see anything to identify the craft. Stephen Michalak says that a door on the UFO then slowly started to open. He tried talking to whoever might becoming out of the UFO in a series of languages – English, Russian, Polish and German – but received no response.

Stephen Michalak
Stephen Michalak

According to Stephen the door of the UFO sudden shut and spun around a took off. In the process the UFO sparked a fire that set his shirt on fire. At this point Stephen Michalak was feeling disoriented and was burnt from the fire that took place during his UFO sighting. His compass wasn’t working properly after the UFO sighting but he somehow managed to find his way home.

It was after his return from his UFO sighting that Stephen noticed a burn pattern on his torso that matched the markings on the UFO he had described seeing during his UFO sighting. These injuries left authorities baffled.

So, when he was feeling a bit better, Stephen took a friend back to the area where he had experienced his UFO sighting. When they found the area they found a burnt out area around where he had his UFO sighting. Officials were called to the area where the ground soil was examined and found to include radiation.

In this UFO sighting video we can watch and listen to Stephen Michalak describe his UFO sighting and talk about his injuries. Experts that have been involved in the Manitoba UFO sighting speak about their findings and what may have happened in the Stephen Michakak UFO sighting.