The Travis Walton alien abduction case is one of the most famous cases of alien abduction of all time.  If you have been a UFO truth hunter for any real length of time then you will have heard his name.

In fact, you don’t even have to be an enthusiast to be at least somewhat familiar with Travis Walton. His case received so much attention that it was even eventually the focus of the feature film ‘Fire In the Sky’.

Travis Walton experienced his alien abduction on November 5, 1975. He was working on a logging crew in Arizona.  On the drive home from the work site, the crew saw a large hovering object in the sky. They slowed the truck and it was reported that Travis Walton jumped out of the truck and ran towards the object in the sky. Suddenly a blueish green light came down from the UFO and struck Travis.

The rest of the crew thought Travis Walton was dead and fled in fear of their lives.  What followed next was a massive, well publicized manhunt to find the missing Travis Walton.  Days later he reappeared having experienced missing time and claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

In the period since his experience, he hasn’t given many interviews or spoken much about what happened to him during his disappearance. However, as he has aged, Travis has started to be a bit more open on the topic.

Perhaps he wants to be the one to put everything in the record before it is too late. Maybe he has decided it is important to be part of the hunt for truth. In this alien abduction video, a modern day Travis Walton speaks about what happened to him during his alien abduction and afterwards. Listen and learn from somebody who truly believes they have been adducted by aliens.