62 kids witness Zimbabwe alien sighting

Why would 62 kids lie? That is what one woman in this Zimbabwe alien sighting video asks. It is a very good question and one without an answer.

This Zimbabwe alien sighting took place in 1994. The main witnesses to the event were a group of 62 kids. They were students at a school in secluded Zimbabwe. During recess one day, the students report seeing two UFO crafts hovering over their school grounds.

Not only did they witness the alien craft but they were also approached by two alien creatures after they exited the crafts.  Some of the kids recall the aliens appearing to float over the grass. As you will see in this video, it really is an incredible account from alien sighting witnesses.

As I said earlier, why would these children lie about what they saw during their Zimbabwe alien experience? No doubt that there are going to be people that will say these kids just repeated what they had heard others say about aliens.

However, that often repeated trope fails in this case because none of these kids had ever heard of UFOs. The secluded nature of their environment also means that they weren’t influenced by western pop culture images of aliens.

Despite all of the odds, each one of these 62 students reported the exact same alien encounter. When asked to draw pictures of what they saw, each of them drew very similar pictures of the aliens they encountered during their UFO sighting.

It is always better to see footage with your own eyes. We always encourage not letting somebody else make your mind up for you. Watch the video and listen to their account of what happened. See if you think these students were being honest about the alien UFO landed in their schoolyard.